Name: Fabian Hernandez

Age: 18

Life Motto: Pass it to the left hand side (in chile its to the right XD)

3 words to describe myself: – Passionate

-Full of love (just 4 my girl XD)

– GOOD drawer

Fav song right now: “La Pelotona” (Cartel de santa : group of mexico)

Top fav bands: -Eskina familia skuad ( h2 chile)

If i could swap bodies with anyone for one day, who would it be?: (the producer said it could be an animal ) A BLUE WHALE =D

For me, the gold project is: Cool, An opportunity to improve my imagination and social skills

Dream job: Designer of a game or the drawer of its characters XD

My fav thing we have done at BIGhart is: trip to Boree Creek.



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