Fun Times With TINA Pt1 (My Newcastle Trip Retrospective)

4 03 2008

Thanks to Davo’s magic sandwich making skills, i’m putting this up. Seriously, i’m easily bribed. Gimmie a block of chocolate and im your pal for life. or atleast the next day or two.


As I stood waiting for the train to Newcastle, I took another look at the written directions I had been given by Davo. I had just gotten off the Griffith to Sydney flight, and I was still slightly shaken from the ride. Those planes rattle like crazy. Seems like they shouldn’t even be allowed to take off, let alone carry passengers.

The written directions Davo had given me were not complicated; Get on plane, fly to Sydney, get off plane, then take the train to Newcastle. Simple really. Only problem, the timetable on the screen hanging above the train track had nothing to do with Newcastle on it. All it had was “City Circuit” in big white letters on the top with a bunch of random places underneath. I waited and waited for a train heading to Newcastle to appear on the screen, but it never did. I was getting more and more worried. What if I had missed the train? What if I was late for the opening of the TINA festival? As these questions swirled around in my mind, two beautiful ladies walked up to me out of the blue. One was blond, the other was a brunette “Do you know where this train goes? I’ve never ridden this train before” The blond one asked me. She had an English accent. I assumed they were backpackers. Ivan Millat jumped to mind. I assured myself that if Ivan were to turn up, I would kick his ass. “I’m not sure myself” I replied “ I’ve never ridden this train before either. So where are you from?” My guess was correct. They were backpackers from England. I explained my dilemma that I was waiting for a train to Newcastle. Another of the “City Circuit” trains pulled up. The two girls decided to jump on the train and see where it took them. We said our goodbyes and they left. Then it hit me. This is a “City Circuit” line. I.E, these trains were taking a circuit around the city. Swearing to myself, I took another looks at my instructions. Somehow, the instructions had magically changed. I was SUPOSSED to take the City Circuit train to The Central Station and take a train there all the way to Newcastle. Waiting here for a train to Newcastle had gotten me nowhere. And I had missed out on spending quality time with two young ladies. I kicked one of the nearby benches in anger, and I garnered a couple of weird looks from people, but I was angry to care. I jumped onto the City Circuit, then got off at Central Station and got on the train that was headed for Newcastle.


short, sweet, to the point. more later when someone gives me chocolate.


Griffith Clouds – thru my sunnies

27 02 2008

This was shot from my phone, thru my sun glasses, to make the sky look warm and brown.

It was shot from the corner of Banna Ave and Benerebah St.

Griffith Clouds - thru my sunnies